The Installation Banquet was a Huge Success!
     Beside installing the new officers for 2017-2018 and the new Board, we were also treated by Rob Martin to a very special musical , "The Heart of Texas" Barbershop Group.  They entertained our club with several close harmonic songs.  Your editor also spent 25 years singing with the San Antonio Chordsmen in San Antonio.
     Perfect Attendance Certificate were handed out by Tracy Herman, our outgoing President:  They are: Beverly Crumley (1 yr); Tracy Herman (1 yr); Doug Balkman (3 yrs); Chester Banks, (3 yrs); Kelli Whigham (3 yrs); Gary Strunk (3 yrs); Del Brown (5 yrs); Rob Martin (6 yrs); Charles Johnson (8 yrs); Frederick Case (9 yrs); Pam Cook (10 yrs); Gary Nelson (19 yrs); John Polk (20 yrs); Moe Johnson (29 yrs); Lon Shell (33 yrs); Randy Cook (36 yrs); McBride Wilson (39) yrs); Ted Breihan (44 yrs); Glen Rydl (46 yrs).Kiwanis Legion of Honor: Chester Banks (40 yrs); Merwin Richards (25 yrs); McBride Wilson (40 yrs).
Kiwanis of the Year Award: Del Brown.
     After the presentation of awards, Ken Baumbach, newly elected Lt Governor for Division 38 and from the Lockhart Club installed the new officers and Board members for the year 2017-2018.  Pictures and names are located at the beginning of this bulletin.
     All of these folks should be very proud of their achievements and wish their continued good service through this coming year.