Moe's Final 'Better Half -Marathon was a sad, but successful race!
     Any event that has been going on for 30 some years, and suddenly one is faced with the heartbreaking realization that maybe it is time to give it up, it becomes a moving moment.  Well that is sort of the way that Moe Johnson's Better Half Marathon went last Sunday morning.  Moe has been putting on this race that long , but now feels that it ls time to turn loose of it and turn it over to someone else.
     The weather before the race started, was wet, but by the time the race started , it was just misting.  There were 300 plus runners, and 13 Kiwanis workers, together with Medical Explorers.  Those Kiwanians that worked the whole race were: Lon Shell, Francis Mendez, Gary Nelson, Randy Cook, Frederick Case,Kelli Whigham, Steve Whigham, Beverly Crumley, Rhonda White, Pam Cook, Charles Johnson and Rob Martin.. Those who helped stuff packets on Friday was Randy Cook, Pam Cook, and Kelli Whigham.
     Because this was Moe's last race, he was presented with a very special plaque at the end of the race, and it was a very moving moment not just for Moe, but for the race participants, Kiwanians and other volunteers that have been participating in this race throughout the years.  Moe will be missed and he will miss this significant event.