"Kiwanian of the Month for July 2018
     Last Thursday, Pres. Doug surprised everyone by announcing the 'Kiwanian of the Month for July'.  It was no surprise though when John Polk's name was called and he went forward to be crowned with this very prestigious award.  John, throughout his entire membership has dealt with and overcome numerous health issues, which never slowed him down one bit.  John is the kind of 'guy' that not only does he deal with his handicaps, but makes anyone he talks with to feel better about their own difficulties.  John is the most 'upbeat' man in our club, and perhaps in the whole world.  You will never see him without a smile on his face and an 'ultra-positive' attitude.  Everything that John does throughout the many offices he has held, he did with optimistic perfection.  He is involved with every project our club takes on, and has held many offices in our club, including secretary, and Lt. Governor.  'Way to go John'!