Another Way to bring Awareness to Domestic Violence and Families affected by Hurricane Harvey!
     Our newest member, Cynthia Bentley brought a inspiring way to help the victims of Domestic Violence and victims of Hurricane Harvey.  It is called "Pillows for Peace"
     Pillow of Peace Projects collects pillows and delivers them to local battered women's shelters for the survivors to find comfort and know that we care.
     The vision of "Pillow of Peace" is that the survivor will find comfort and keep the pillow as a reminder that we care and that they find inspiration, empowerment, and peace as they rest each day and night to strengthen their mind, body, and soul and to help end their battle against domestic violence.
     Cynthia, who is connected with an organization called "Unforgettable Families and Friends, Inc. says new pillows and pillow cases may be collected and donated here in Hays County throughout the month of September.  There are three collection sites set up for new pillows and cases - - "Lone Star Delights" at 108 Front Street, Kyle, TX. and "Ladies - Gents" 2501 GoForth Rd, Kyle, TX (across from Lehman HS), and "Lehman High School "Lobos".
     Pillow of Peace is now in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.  As of September 6, 2017, it is reported that over 2000 pillows have been collected and distributed in the three states to various centers.