Circle K gets started....They are on a Roll!
     Yes, that is correct.  Texas State University is on the roll in getting a Circle K Club going!
Last Saturday, John Polk, Rob Martin and Del Brown went over to TSU and met in the LBJ Building with about 14 students interested in starting a CKI in the university.  Erick Garza who has been attending our Kiwanis meeting is the student representative of the new club.  There were 14 young men & women attending the 2018 Hill Country Spring Rally at TSU.  Hannah Vargheso, Lt Gov of CKI at University of University of Texas presided over this delegation.  John Polk officially certified the election of 8 delegates at TSU.  A new Lt Governor was elected unanimously by the 8 delegates and had her sworn in at this meeting.  Her name is Viana Phan, and she has quite a history of Kiwanis , and some wonderful ideas of how to get the new fledgling club going at TSU.
     All in all, those gathered at this meeting was very enthusiastic about getting a club going, so here we go!