Installation Banquet  was a grand success!
    We now have a brand new slate of officers which were installed by Ken Bahmbach, our Lt. Governor.  Over 30 members, including and their significant others,  in addition two school workers with the K-Kids, Christine Patek, and Megan Rodriguez.  Outgoing president Kelli Whigham called on three of our guests present to open with the singing of 'God Bless America', followed by another guest doing the pledge to the American Flag, ending up with another guest doing the prayer.  Following the meal, Kelli & Steve and Doug Balkman did a Video Presentation of this past year.  Glen Rydl then handed out perfect attendance certificates for this past year.  Those with perfect attendance were Charles Walts, Rhonda White, Doug Balkman, Chester Banks, Del Brown, Charles Johnson, Frederick Case, Pam Cook, Gary Nelson, John Polk, Moe Johnson, Lon Shell, Randy Cook, Ted Breihan, and Glen Rydl.
     John Polk also will receive  a Kiwanis Legion of Honor for 30 yrs, past Lt Gov, and Charles Johnson will get one for 40 years and past Lt. Gov.  The Kiwanian of the Year award was  presented to Doug Balkman for all of his extra duties this past year.  All in all, it was a great evening.  We thank Kelli for carrying us through this year, and pledge our sincere support to Rhonda White for this coming year.