Pancake Day is Only 31 days from now!
     Randy handed out to each member 20 tickets for our upcoming Pancake/Silent Auction coming up on February 22.  Pam also provided letters and forms to hand out to those who would like to donate items for our silent auction.  Even though February 22d seems like a long way off, believe you me, it will be here before we know, so everyone needs to begin now and hustle to those businesses that have helped up before and get some new ones.  Remember, this is one of our biggest fundraisers for our Kiwanis kids.  Everyone needs to set aside February 22, and plan to work either the morning shift or the evening shift, or both if you can, but we need all of our members to show up to work.  By the way.....February 15th is the deadline to get all of your auction items in to Pam.  She has an awesome job putting them all together.  Help her out by getting the items to her early