T/O Governor's Visit a Wonderful, Successful, Trip!
     It was a wonderful trip to Roundrock to meet our new T/O Governor.  All total, we had 39 in attendance from our Region.  John Cliffford, our Regional Lt. Governor hosted the event at the Roundrock United Methodist Church on February 13th.  Those from our club that attended were: Doug Balkman, Cynthia Bentley, Rob Martin, Del Brown, Randy Cook, and Frederick Case. 
     Governor Schibi has been a member of the Lawton Kiwanis for 27 years.  He was the Kiwanis Advisor to the Eisenhower Key Club for 17 years.  He was a Distinguished President of the Lawton Kiwanis Club.  He was a Regional Advisor for the Texas-Oklahoma District of Key Club International for 6 of the 7 years.  He was the District Administrator for the Texas-Oklahoma District of Key Club International for 3 years and was inducted into the T-O Hall of Fame in 2012.  He was a Distinguished Lt. Governor in 2007 and was in the original class of Trustees for Texas-Oklahoma District serving Region 4 last year.
     Governor Schibi is dedicated to the youth of the T/O District ad growing membership in the district.  He intends to continue the District's focus oon the Eliminate Project, the Formula and the I-Plan.  He believes our youth are our future.  He has often said, "With Kiwanis, it is all about the FAMILY."