Veteran's Day Parade.....
     This year's Veteran's Day parade was a tremendous success.  We want to thank Academy for providing children's bikes, two bikes + two helmets for some lucky winner in our Bicycle Brigade that followed our very luxurious float.  The lucky winners of this years bikes was , for the girl's bicycle, it went to Sidney Foye.  For the boy's bike, David Vasquez was the lucky winner.  
     This year's float had some extra special features,  that thanks to Jeanne Balkman, the pictures of our veterans who are members of our club were printed and hung along the side of our float.  We had 12 veterans who are in our club that were displayed.  A big thanks to Jeanne for doing this.(Our Vets are: Del Brown, John Polk, Charles Walts, Merwin Richards, Gary Nelson, Francis Mendez, Randy Cook, Chester Banks, Ted Breihan, Frederick Case, Glen Rydl, McBride Wilson, Moe Johnson
     We had a new vehicle pulling our float instead of Lon's tractor, (McBride Wilson, driving).  Steve Whigham drove a shiny white pickup truck.  Thanks Steve.
     Our Kiwanis members that came out and either rode the float or walked with the Bike Parade were: Kellie Whigham, Rhonda White, Pam Cook, Del Brown, James Collier, Gary Strunk, Francis Mendez, Garry White, Doug Balkman, Jeanne Balkman, Beverly Crumley, John Roppolo (& his two boys), John Polk, Lon Shell, Ted Breihan, * others (Liz Gonzales, Ronda Young (prospective members),Steve Whigham, Darrel White.
     (Randy Cook would have been there, but he was riding in a different vehicle, as was Charles Walts).  It was a grand parade, and if any names were omitted, please let me know.  Those individuals that helped put the framework on the float were: Doug Balkman, Del Brown, John Polk, Lon Shell, and Gary Nelson.  Thanks to Francis Mendez, Gary Nelson and Del Brown for putting the flags around the square.  And thanks to Randy Cook for coordinating all the flag activities.