" Your editor apologizes"
     Your editor apologizes for not printing out the names of who put flags out on the Fourth of July .  We did not have a sign up sheet at Ted's on the fourth, because we have not had anyone step forward to take Randy Cook's place.  Randy has chaired the Flag Committee for quite a few years, and it is time for someone else to 'step up to the plate'.  I know that all flags were put out by those responsible for putting them up, but some were putting them up for someone else.  Your editor likes to put in the names of our flag people who get up early to put them out and then spend valuable time, in collecting them back up and making sure that the flags are wrapped properly for the next display date.  Again, let me say, if you haven't checked on the businesses you are responsible to see if they have renewed their flags for this coming new year, please do so this week if possible.  We all know who benefits the money raised by our flags....the Public Library Children's Summer Reading Program.  They are counting on us.