Want to Be a Detective...
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(Answers to last week's puzzle in bold type....Flowers
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1. A real he(ro se)ldom runs away from danger.
2. Linda told the sitter not let the baby'(s nap drag on) into the afternoon or he'd be awake all night.
3. "Aunt (Lil, y)our potatoes are boiling over!" said Eric excitedly.
4. Little Christina loved her dance recital because she got to wear a tutu, lipstick, and eye makeup.
5. When I lived in Boston, I risked my life every day just crossing the busy streets.
6. When I plant my garden, I always add fertilizer and peat moss," advised expert botanist Neville Bowdridge.
7. George said the The Silence of the Lambs was as terrifying a movie as both Psycho and The Shining.
8. "In England," said the vicar, "national pride in our health care system is very important to its success.
Find names of vegetables
1...The auto mechanic told Oscar, Rotate and balance your tires once a year and they'll last much longer.
2...When I became pregnant with my oldest son, Brad, I shelved the idea of going to graduate school.
3..When my brother Michael ripped half my doll's hair off, he said, "Give it to Ma to fix."
4.. When my youngest daughter  Fleur, insisted that Justin Bieber is really smart, I choke on my sandwich.
5.. I was impressed when Laurie said she painted all the walls and that her husband, Glen, tiled the kitchen and bathroom floors.
6.. "If you're afraid you'll forget to take the payment," said Mrs Walters, "pin a check to the corkboard near the door."
7.. When Catalina had her wedding shower, Amy gave her a teapot, a toaster, and a blender for her kitchen.
8.. When we went to the museum in Austin, I couldn't pay the admission. I only brought five dollars, but it cost fifteen.
9.. "Break a leg", actually means "good luck" to superstitious theater action.
10..Most mystery book are predictable. Before I get to the end, I've already figured out "whodunit."