What's going on at Board Meeting?....(May 25, 2017)
1: Charles Johnson, Treasurer went over Financial Statement: Approved
2:  Charles Handed out Final Report on Pancake Day and Silent Auction.
3: New Business:
        a. Cottage Kitchen lunch was huge success.
        b: Discussion on how the club could have some type of 'get together i.e. having evening meal at restaurant or some type cook out at our camp.  Another suggestion having an early Sunday evening dinner at the Gris Mill in Gruen. Tracy will check on it.
      c: Some discussion as to who should have access to member's information in Clubrunner.
      d:  Kelli mentioned that the 5K Pumpkin Dash is our next gig event.
      e:  Kiwanis Annual Awards Banquet was discussed.  Board members present indicated that they would like to hold it again at Brookdale.  Nothing final.