Who is my trustee?  What Does a Trustee Do?
     The Trustee position is an elected official in the Texas-Oklahoma governing system who represents one of ten regions of the T-O District.  Bylaws state that the  "Trustee represents the Governor and under direction of the Governor, liaison with their respective regions.  They shall perform such other duties and responsibilities as usually pertain to such office or may be assigned by the Governor."  The Trustee serves as a member of the Board of Trustees to develop the programs and policies of the district.  As the leader of his/her region, the Trustee should understand their role as a facilitator and resource to the needs of Lt. Governors and communicate necessary information to the region from the Board of Trustees and from the region to the Board.
     Our new Regional Trustee is John Clifford, who governs the Hill Country, Region 10, previously held by our own Rob Martin.  John's phone # is 512-468-0776 and his term of office is for three years, (2016 - 2019)  His Divisions of responsibilities is Division 23, 24 and 38"