America The Beautiful.... Ketchikan, Alaska
     The southernmost city in Alaska is Ketchikan, a scenic destination known for being the first stop for many cruise ships that head north along the coast.  Located at the foot of Deer Mountain, Ketchikan is home to a wide range of attractions.  Visitors may want to stop in at the Totem Herit5age Center, the Tongass Historical Museum or the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center.  The most scenic downtown stretch is historic Creek Street, which is only a short distance away from the cruise ship docks.  Once a rowdy red-light district, these days Creek Street is home to a quieter class of establishment but still retains its delightful historic charm.  Ketchikan is a hub for outdoor adventures, and there is no shortage of guided day tours to do things like salmon fishing, hiking through the Tongass National Forest or ziplining through the tree canopy.