As our 100th birthday approaches we want to thank all of you who have made birthdays possible for children across the globe.  Because of your generosity, vaccines have reached the women who need them---saving and protecting lives around the world.  Maternal and neonatal tetanus is heartbreaking.  Each day, 134 babies die from this painful disease.  Imagine being a parent who can only watch as your baby writhes in pain with convulsions so severe that not even touch or sound can soothe them.  But with your continual support we can prevent MNT.  In fact, we can make history.  We can eliminate this disease from the face of the Earth.  For just $1.80, you can vaccinate a woman and protect her future children.  With your gift to The Eliminate Project, you can save babies every single day for a year - - or even two years.  Help keep kids' birthdays coming.  Then give at