Kiwanis Club of San Marcos

GGG....,..Eliminate Update...12//28/15

​     "Can you believe it?  Kiwanis is on the verge of making history.  During the last five years, The Eliminate Project has raised $104, 000,000 to support UNICEF#F's MNT elimination work, including the Canadian government match.  In the last year alone, fundraising increased $26.8 million dollars and 16 districts showed their support through district-wide commitments.
​      Without a doubt, 2015 lived up to it's name - The Year Of Celebration.  Though my appreciation extends far beyond the kickoff of Kiwanis centennial year, I look back over the last five years with a grateful heart, wonder and amazement.  In 2010, the Kiwanis family set out to do what seemed impossible at the time - raising $110 million to help eliminate maternal neonatal tetanus worldwide.  But now in December, 2015, we stand at the door of victory.  During the last five years, 19 countries have eliminated MNT, thanks to UNICEF, Kiwanis and partners, leaving 21 that are still at risk.
     Our goal is within reach.  But we are not yet finished.  We made a promise, and we will fulfill it.  The fulfillment phase of The Eliminate Project is crucial to the global elimination of MNT.  That is why we need the help of Kiwanians everywhere to complete individual, club and district pledges.  You can help Kiwanis achieve its goal and be a part of changing the course of humanity.
​     Thank you for your dedication and efforts during the last five years.  I hope that passion continues until every mom and child are protected from tetanus.,"
​                                                Chairman Randy DeLay