Special Proclamation Given
     Yesterday, February the 4th, members of our Kiwanis Club met in San Marcos City Hall while Mayor Jane Hughson read a city Proclamation in celebration of our club's 80th anniversary for our upcoming Pancake and Silent Auction event, marking February 28, 2019 as a special day in the life of our San Marcos Kiwanis Club.  
     Members of our club all met in the City chambers while Mayor Hughson read and presented this special proclamation to those members present as well as several visitors from our city.
     Those attending this proclamation from the club were: John Roppolo, Doug Balkman, Jeanne Balkman, Randy Cook, Pam Cook, Gary Nelson, Ted Breihan, Andrew Gary, Chester Banks, Del Brown, Rhonda White, Ronda Young and our president, Kelli Whigham (holding the proclamation).
     Our club is hastily preparing for the 80th anniversary of this special event, wearing their aprons and a big grin on their faces.  Thanks to Mayor Hughson and the city staff for recognizing and congratulating our club for the great work they do with the children and youth of our community.