One of Our Club members issued a challenge to the editor that he was pretty good at guessing all sort of facts about movies, especially John Wayne Movies, so I took him up on the challenge, so here goes! (The answers will be hidden somewhere in this issue.  Look carefully, the print will be small!
1:  One of John Wayne's best known roles was in 'The Searchers'/  Who played his fellow searcher?
2: One of Wayne's best westerns may have been 'Rio Bravo'.  Who was the prisoner that caused all the problems in the movie?
3:  Who played the female lead in 'Red River'?
4:  It was probably inevitable that Wayne would make 'The Alamo'.  What role did he play?
5:  Could there be a more unlikely pairing than John Wayne and Shirley Temple?  What film was it?
6:  Which of these John Wayne movies is a western?...El Dorado. The Quiet Man, Donavon's Reef, McQueen?
7:  In 'Tall in the Saddle', which regular Wayne co-star played the main 'bad guy'?
8:  In which movie did William Holden co-star with Wayne?
9:  Did John Wayne ever serve in the military forces?
10: What movie did he receive an Oscar for in 1949?