Veteran's Day Parade was a huge success!
     This year's Veteran's Day was just about as perfect as you could have gotten it.  The weather was absolutely wonderful - no indication of any rain, just beautiful sunshine, and a wonderful, enthusiastic crowd that lined both sides of the parade route.  Our club had a wonderful turnout of Kiwanis members to help decorate the float with new decorations that Kelli and others bought for this year.
     Kiwanis members that were there were: Ted Breihan, Doug Balkman, Gary Strunk, Del Brown, Gary Nelson, Francis Mendez, Kelli Whigham, Rhonda White, James Collier, Pam Cook, Randy Cook (he was riding in another part of the parade), Frederick Case, Beverly Crunley, McBride Wilson (drove the tractor), John Polk, Rob Martin , Lon Shell , Jude Prather and Tracy Herman (who was riding on another float)   Others connected with our members were (Phyllis Shell, Darrel White, Steve Whigham, Jean Balkman.  If I have left anyone out, I'm sorry. 
     As we have done in past years, we had our usual Kid's Brigade on their bicycles, scooters etc.  This year there were 42 kids.  Also as we have done in the past, Academy Sports has donated two children's bicycles and helmets to be give away after the parade is over.  This year, two wonderful kid's names were drawn and given two new bicycles.  The boy who won the boy's bike was 'Adrian Tello' and the girl's bike was given to 'Estrella Con' (See photo above.)  Estrella was riding a scooter in the parade, so she was very pleased to get the bike.  Thank you Academy. and thanks to all the parents and friends that walked alongside the Kid's Brigade, and thanks to  Jennifer Mach and her Park's & Recreation staff for furnishing  the decorations for the bicycles and helping the children decorate their bicycles.