"Round Table on Thursday, December 27, 2018
     As you can see by the photo, we had a great Roundtable on the above date.  It was the last RT before the New Year.  In addition to our get together and chewing whatever came to mind, we celebrated a couple of birthdays, and had delicious cake baked by a couple of members to help Ted Breihan and Jeanne Balkman celebrate their birthday.  What a wonderful gesture, and was that cake delicious.  Those who were at this Roundtable was Chester Banks, Jeanne Balkman, Del Brown, Francis Breihan, Ted Breihan, Frederick Case, Lon Shell, Gary Nelson, Kelli Whigham, Doug Balkman, 
Glen Rydl, and also the Balkman's granddaughter.  Ashley, our wonderful waitress, who graduated from Texas State this year took the photograph.