It couldn't have been a more perfect race last Saturday.  The weather was perfect, the runners were plentiful.  The Kiwanians were plentiful.  Everything went off without a hitch/  We had almost 100 runners, and we had 21 Kiwanians out, beginning at 6am, and staying all the way through till almost 10:00am.  It was a super race!  Everyone did a magnificent job, the food was plentiful, even to those delicious tacos that were provided free of charge.  The Kiwanians that came out to help were; Randy Cook, Del Brown, Pam Cook, Beverly Crumley, Gary Nelson, Moe Johnson, Lon Shell, Glen Rydl, Kelli Whigham, Steve Whigham, Rhonda White, Doug Balkman, Gary Strunk, Randal Grizzle, Tracy Herman, John Polk, Andrew Gary, Charles Johnson, Rob Martin, Frederick Case, James Collier.
     Thanks to each and everyone of  you who brought food, water, Gatorade, trucks full of things to be set up and torn down.  All in all, this individual would say it was a fantastic success.