A very Special thanks goes out those Medical Explorers!
     We have a fantastic group of young people, who turned out in great number last Saturday at our October Pumpkin Race.  They are our Kiwanis Medical Explorers, headed up by our own Charles Johnson.  These kids came out, hoping that they wouldn't be used, but they were, and they were great and we want to give them credit through our E-Bulletin.  Those wonderful individuals were Eric Ma, Omar Ordonez, Hannah Smith, Eric Whittaker, Alexis Tittkle, Melissa Rything, Ashley Vela, Stefany Romo, Kiana Burgess, Joseph Aguilar, Shanaska Castro-Muniz, Karah Beavers, and Tara Flaugher.  We are so proud of all of them.  They came out to serve and serve they did.  Thanks to y'all!