We are officially in the month of April.  I survived April Fool's Day with no major pranks against me.  The best part of the day was Bobcat Build projects were scheduled.  I took advantage of the event and it went well.  The only tough part was I had to lift and carry 32 - 50 lb. sacks of sand off the bed of my pickup for my project.  In my younger days it would have been a good workout - at an older age it is a Sunday sleeping late and taking a hot shower with the water massaging my lower back.  Fortunately the young men that worked on my brick patio laid down the 450 bricks for me.  The end result is that I find it harder to touch my toes today.  
PROGRAM: MARCH 30th: Jennifer Richmond gave a very interesting talk on the role of quilts in today's society.  It was interesting to see how Kiwanis clubs use quilts for fund raisers by auctioning quilts off.  One Kiwanis club donated 350 quilts to a youth center to use for youngsters.  Jennifer showed a variety of quilts and the different types of patterns that are used.  As a fitness person it was a surprise that a person could get hurt by quilting.  Jenn explained when you stitch a needle through fabric over 100,000 or more times the wrist takes a beating.  Then cutting out small squares or triangles for the pattern can be a quick road to carpal tunnel syndrome.  She said a roller cutter has helped prevent some of the strain on the hand and wrist.  The amazing thing was that the cost of material, the hours (months) of time to make the quilt, is that the quilt is often given away to a special person or organization for a fund raiser. The cost of the quilt for a buyer depends on how much the person wants the quilt.  Some of the more elaborate quilts can go for thousands of dollars.  It was a very good program and it seemed that many of our club members are very much aware of the quilting population.
PROGRAM: APRIL 6TH: President Kelli will be going over some of the standards and "rules' our club has for members to follow during a meeting.  Like taking cell phone calls during a meeting costs you $2.00.  Wearing your Kiwanis pin or shirt to win the "Big Buck" award is mandatory.  It will be a good reminder to promote Kiwanis in San Marcos as the club to belong to when we talk to a potential new member so they understand how we conduct ourselves all the time.
PROGRAM: APRIL 13th:  Lon Shell has the program and a very good projected speaker is being lined up to talk to our club.  More on that next week.
PROGRAM: APRIL 20th: Beverly Crumley has the program.
PROGRAM: APRIL 27th: Rhonda White will go over the final volunteer duties and tasks for our major fund raiser on April 29th.
Kelli, Rhonda and Beverly had a Kiwanis table at the Kissing Tree event.  It was a good event to attend to let potential members know more about our San Marcos Kiwanis Club.  
Doug and Jeanne had a Kiwanis table at the April 1st STEAM event at the San Marcos High School.  It was another good opportunity to let members of the community know about our local club and the value to the community that we provide.
Kelli wanted to remind members to turn in the questionaire about planting a tree out a Camp McBride Wilson youth camp this Thursday.  
Turn in your memories of past events of our Kiwanis club to Jennifer to help put together an updated history of our club as we are 100 years servicing the community.  It may seem like a small event or happening but it is part of our history -  anywhere from last week to 50 years ago is elegible to be included.  If you are worried about writing your memory down put it on a sheet of paper with what you can remember and Jennifer will put it in good order for the booklet.  Let's not wait too long to get these articles in.
 The club has been getting good exposure from Kelli's and other posts on Facebook for people to see what we are about.  Be sure you click on the "like" icon and then share it to your friends on Facebook.  Social media is a great way to publicize our club and when we try to recruit a new member they will know who we are.
APRIL 9th: EASTER SUNDAY:  It will be a welcome treat at our April 6th meeting if you want to bring those marshmellow chicken peeps, a furry bunny rabbit, or colorful hard boiled eggs to share with members.  It will save members some money not having to buy a hamburger or grilled chicken for lunch.  You just can't beat some marshmellow chicken peeps and a couple of hard boiled eggs for lunch.
APRIL 27th:  The 2nd Annual Kiwanis Club Clay Shoot is scheduled at the Moyesway Shooting Area in Kingsbury, Texas.  Registration starts at 8:30 a.m.  This is our major fund raiser and members need to get involved to promote this event so we can raise funds for our scholarships.  Talk it up and if you need entry information let Rhonda know and she will see that you receive the necessary forms.
April 10th baseball game between the Texas State Bobcats and the Texas Longhorns is a SOLD OUT event.  Check out season ticket holders that are not going to the game and see if you can use their tickets.  Or pay big bucks to a scalper for tickets.
The news mentioned that people have seen as many as 20 Great White Sharks swimming off the East Coast.  One was 13' 3" long and weighed 1,500 pounds.  Another was 13' long and weighed 1,437 pounds.  My questions is, "How did you measure and weigh a Great White Shark swimming in the ocean?"  There were no photos of the shark hanging on a pier with the fisherman that caught it standing next to it.  The photo was of that black glassy eyed fish swimming in the water.  I just don't understand how you get that shark to stand up and be measured and weighed while it is swimming in the ocean.
With the previous note I can say I may not have lost all my marbles just yet.  But there is definitly a small hole in the bag somewhere.
Alcohol does not make you FAT.  It makes you LEAN . . . against tables, chairs, floors, walls, and people.
Want to frighten your grandchildren or teenagers?  You put them in a room with a rotary phone, an analog watch, and a TV with no remote.  Then leave directions on how to use them written in cursive.  
They say 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40.  All I know is the older I get the more 9:00 p.m. is the new midnight.
They told me I'd never be good at poetry, because I'm dyslexic.  But so far I have made 3 jugs and a vase to prove them wrong.
My teacher always said not to worry about correct spelling because we have autocorrect.  And for that I am infernally grapefruit.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.  It's about learning to dance in the rain.
Time is like a river.  You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.  Enjoy every moment of your life.