The Super Bowl is over and this newsletter is off to a late start.  The game was close and went right down to the last few seconds.  Now sports viewers have to wait a few weeks for the NCAA basketball playoffs, the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, and NBA basketball playoffs to fill their afternoon weekends and evenings.  If you are not a sports fan you will watch regularly scheduled programs or movies on channels.  My wife likes Hallmark stories.  At least the plot is the same for those shows.  If you are a doer you can always build or repair things and be constructive in your efforts.
PROGRAM: FEBRUARY 9th:  Moe invited Brenda Voyles, a math tutor, to go over her job descriptions and relate how so many students are struggling with the subject of math.  She emphasized that it all goes back to learning, or relearning, the fundamentals of math.  With the emphasis on ACT and SAT scores for college entrance many students fall short of passing these exams.  When she works with a student it comes down to just two people - her and the student.  No cell phones, no TV, no distractions of any kind is her rule when she helps out.  Students today have so many distractions that it interferes with their learning potential.  It was a very enthusiastic presentation about a difficult subject.  She mentioned that some schools rush the more advanced math classes before the student has learned the basics that are used to build up to courses like algebra and geometry.  This can cause problems when the student fails to learn the steps and fundamentals needed to understand the concepts of the math.  A very educational and interesting program.
PROGRAM: FEBRUARY 16th:  Randy Cook has invited a former member, Francis Mendez to give the program.  Francis will have two other presenters with him to go over a very interesting topic.  Randy will fill in the details later this week.
PROGRAM: FEBRUARY 23rd: Kristin Wingard has the program.
PROGRAM: MARCH 2nd: Rick Pickering has the program.
PROGRAM: MARCH 9th: Rhonda White has the program.
FEBRUARY 16th: Board Meeting at Rhonda Whites office in the MedPark office at 5:00 p.m.  All members can attend and present a topic for the agenda but only board members can vote.  If you have an item you want covered let Kelli know as soon as possible so she can put it on the agenda
FEBRUARY 20th:  Flag Day for Presidents National Holiday.  This is the last flag day for this session.  Now is the time to contact your businesses to have them renew their commitment to putting out flags on the eight holidays we put flags out.  A special occasion this flag day is that Jeanne Balkman, chairwoman of the flag program, has agreed to buy breakfast at the Cafe on the Square after you put out your flags.  A real treat for your efforts and a BIG THANK YOU TO JEANNE.
MARCH 11th:  A scheduled clean up at the camp from 8:00 - 11:30 a.m.  This is a combination work day and social event when members get to share maintaining the camp for this summer and the Scouts campouts.  Refreshments and drinks will be provided for workers.
CORPORATE CHALLENGE BY THE SAN MARCOS PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT:  This is a popular program and a number of activities are offered for teams to challenge.  I think our club has some bowlers and golfers that might form a team to represent the San Marcos Kiwanis club.  Let Doug know if you are willing to form a team in one or more of the activities.
SAN MARCOS DAILY RECORD - FEBRUARY 12th:  If you do not subscribe to the Daily Record you need to buy a copy because the front page has a great article about our club's 100th anniversary.  This article is one of three scheduled to be submitted to the Record.
Remember to 'Like' and 'Share' Kelli's posts of Facebook about the benefits of Kiwanis for Children.  Use the information to invite a possible new member to a meeting.
Remember to put write down any events or highlights that you recall as a member of our Kiwanis club.  The recollection may seem small to you but it is part of the history of our club.  If you need help contact Jennifer, Lon, or Moe to assist you in putting your event on paper.  Remember the history of the club goes from last week to 100 years ago - mostly the last 50 years - so start putting your thoughts down for our history booklet.  Give your history event to Jennifer for her to include it in our History of San Marcos Kiwanis Booklet.
A request from the editor: Try to arrange your program a few weeks early so it can be included in the newsletter for members to read.  This is a benefit if a member is asking a potential member to attend and they know we will have a good program.
We have inducted several new members these past months.  I will bring the catalog of shirts, jackets, and hoodies to the meeting this Thursday if you would like to consider buying a shirt with our San Marcos Kiwanis emblem on it. If any older members want to upgrade your wardrobe this would be a good time to do this.
Just a little information if you are going to try bowling for our team.  If you are left handed you will need to buy left handed bowling shoes.  Buying the right handed shoes will cause you problems.  And ask for a correct ball for your grip.  Tell the sales person if you want a regular grip, a semi-finger tip, or a finger tip grip.  Also let them know what type of ball you roll - straight ball, a hook ball, or a curve ball so they can drill the finger holes in the right location.  Remember the ball 'slides' for the first three-quarters of the alley before it starts to roll toward the pins.  It doesn't roll the entire way.  Just thought I would help you before you join the team as an experienced bowler.
Did you know that whether you walk or run for fitness and possible weight loss that both burn close to the same amount of calories.  Running burns calories faster with increased effort.  Walking burns calories because you walk for a longer period of time.  Say you go a distance of 3 miles - the distance is the same and one burn calories from increased effort (time = 24 minutes) and the other burns calories from increased time of exercise (time = 45- 55 minutes).  Just move is the answer everyone needs to know.
Our older members are at an age where being into 'retro age wear' just means being into your own stuff these days.
Sometimes you just need to talk to a 6 year old so that you can understand life again.
When older people say, "Enjoy them while they are young," they are talking about your knees and hips - not your kids.
A father's son was just born and another dad at the nursery congratulated him and said his daughter was born yesterday.  He said maybe they'll marry each other.  Sure, like his son is going to marry someone twice his age.
When I was little, I didn't care about things, like what to wear.  My parents dressed me.  Looking back at some of my old pictures it's obvious that my parents didn't care either.
Husbands are the best people to share secrets with.  They'll never tell anyone because they aren't even listening.
Happines can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.