A HAPPY EASTER to everybody.  A nice day to be outside and enjoying the great weather.  It is definitely spring time.  I was sitting on my front porch drinking an iced tea and was looking at a huge oak tree in my neighbors yard.  I saw the usual squirrels but also robins, blue jays, woodpeckers, black (cow) birds, white wing doves, sparrows, and nut hatches around that tree having lunch.  Time to hang my hummingbird feeders and get ready for those little birds to arrive.
PROGRAM: APRIL 6th: Kelli had an open forum with an update on club activities.  Kelli went over the visit to Kissing Tree expo and promoted our club to that group.  Doug and Jeanne went over the STEAM event and had a good response to our club.  Kristen went to the 'State of the City' event and reported that the library gave a good plug about our Kiwanis Club supporting the Summer Reading Program.  Some discussion about our volunteering to help at the sign up day.  Maybe sponsor a game or challenge for children while they are signing up for the program.  Rhonda went over an update of the Clay Shoot fund raiser.  It is ahead of last year and so far 10 teams have signed on.  She went over some of the tasks that our Kiwanis club members will need to cover to make it a success.  Kelli went over a few club meeting rules for newer members and a reminder for old people.  Cell phones should be off during the meeting, name tags are needed to win the big buck - more important than the pin or Kiwanis shirt.  A few mentions for members needing to find a program when they are scheduled to provide a speaker and a few general rules with regard to speakers.  Political speakers are okay as long as they talk about their job and not a request for votes.  A good program that showed how much we are getting the word out into the community about our Kiwanis Club.
PROGRAM: APRIL 13th:  Moe subbed for Lon and has invited Coach David Bailiff to talk to our members about the changes that have taken place with the football program at Texas State.  Coach Bailiff was a football player at SWT back some years ago and eventually was a coach for SWT - Texas State.  He was named Defensive Coach of the Year as an assistant, became the Head Coach next, then went to Rice University and then to Texas A & M Commerce where he had his team in national playoffs.  He has now returned to Texas State as a Special Assistant to the Head Football Coach.  This will be an excellent program to bring a guest to the meeting.
PROGRAM: APRIL 20th: Beverly has invited Chase Chapman, Chief Program Director of Flyline Academy, to be our speaker.  Chase is a professional flyline instructor and is opening  up an Academy to teach the sport of fly fishing to people.  He has an emphasis on teenagers that are coming out of foster care and will teach them to fly fish and then hire them to teach other children.  If you are not familiar with fly fishing it is a different form of fishing with special poles and "flies" for bait.  As a youngster I had the opportunity to do some fly fishing in Montana.  The mayflies were hatching and the trout were having a field day eating them.  We went back to the cabin and tied our own flies to look like May Flies.  We must have done well with our efforts as we did catch a lot of trout for supper.  This is another good program to bring a guest to see how our club supports the community.  
PROGRAM: APRIL 27th:  Rhonda will go over last minute details of our major fund raising event Clay Shoot that is scheduled for that Saturday, April 29th.  Things start at 8:30 a.m. and volunteers are encouraged to arrive before 8:00 a.m. to help get things in order for the event.  Tell Rhonda if you can volunteer and also if you want to buy an event tee shirt and a lunch during the Clay Shoot.  As far as volunteer duties this is one of the easiest events to help with as Moyesway Gun Club does most of the actual event duties.  We are still needed so let Rhonda know soon so she can plan putting the event together.
PROGRAM:  MAY 4th: Jeanne Balkman has the program.
PROGRAM: MAY 11th:  NO MEETING because of Texas State graduation.  If members want to meet at another location for some social gathering step up and offer a suggestion for another location.
APRIL 20th:  Board Meeting at Rhonda's office.  All members may attend a board meeting as a make up or to offer a topic for the board to consider.  Only board members may vote on items covered on the agenda.
APRIL 29th:  The 2nd Annual Clay Shoot as our major fund raiser.  Volunteer to help.  Think helping from 8:00 a.m.until 2:00 p.m. including lunch.  If you need directions to the event let Rhonda know and she can give you directions.
After the last few weeks of promoting our Kiwanis Club at Kissing Tree, STEAM, and State of the City events members need to follow through with inviting potential members to attend one or more of our meetings.  While  getting the word out about our Kiwanis Club is important and good very few people will actually show up unless they have a verbal invite from one of our members.  They know about our club, but a personal invite is what gets the potential member to attend a meeting.
Hmmm, I found a strange piece of plastic on the floor.  That looks like it broke off of something, but I have no idea what.  I better save it in the junk drawer until I die.
I invited my mother-in-law over for supper last week.  She asked,  "Why does the dog keep looking at me that way?"  I said, "It's because you are eating off his plate."
in my family we don't hide crazy - we have a BBQ, give it a beer, and wait for the show to start.
There is nothing better than when you're full of laughter with someone and you both keep adding things that make if funnier and you can barely breathe.
The most romatic story isn't Romeo and Juliet who died together.  It's Grandma and Grandpa who grew old together.
Speaking of Grandpa's.  My Grandpa told me that he got to see the Titanic and that from the beginning he told them not to get on board because he knew it was going to sink.  But no one listened and he repeatedly told them until the minute he got kicked out of the movie theater.
A friend of mine had her husband die recently.  Betty went to the cemetary every day in her village to water the flowers on the grave of her deceased husband, Harry.  When she finished she always walked backwards when leaving the grave.  One day a friend asked her, "Betty, why do you always leave the cemtary walking backwards?"  Betty answered, "When Harry was alive he always told me, 'You've got such a great butt, it could bring a dead man back to life." "I'm not taking any chance."
I never called you stupid, but when I asked you to spell "orange" and you asked me if it was for the fruit or the color it kinda caught me off guard.
Last week when it was raining so hard my wife thought it was weird that I stared at the window during the heavy rainstorm.  It  would have been a lot less weird if she would have just let me come in.
Speaking of women: Once you understand why the pizza is made round, packed in a square box, and eaten in triangles . . . then you will understand women.
Remember . . . the only things standing between you and your dreams is your appearance, lack of talent, and general personality.
WARNING: Reading is addictive and life altering.
A Scotsman and his wife walked by a new restaurant.  "Did you smell that food?" she asked.  "It smells absolutely incredible!"  Being a kind hearted Scotsman he thought, . . "What the hell . . . I'll treat her."  So they walked past it again. 
Questions that I need some answers to:
1.  Why is the letter 'W' in English called 'double U'?  Shouldn't it be called 'double V'?
2.  Which letter is silent in the word 'scent', the S or the C?
3.  Why is there a 'd' in fridge, but not in refrigerator?
4.  Who knew what time it was when the first clock was made?
5.  At a movie theater, which arm rest is yours?
I am doing what makes me happy.  I am responsible for my happiness, and I owe it to myself.  You can be happy at anytim, just choose to be.
One day at a time is all we should be dealing with.  We can't go back to yesterday, we can't predict tomorow, so let's live for today and make it beautiful.
Sadly, I do my best proofreading after I hit "send".