Kiwanis Club of San Marcos

CCC...Thoughts and Prayers...11/30/15

‚Äč     A little update on John:  Glen Rydl and I went over lo see John last Wednesday, took some breakfast tacos over and we had a great time.  John's spirits are high and he is doing everything that they tell him to do.  He is getting the best of therapies, physical, speech and every other kind.  He is still not allowed to put weight on his right leg, and gets around mainly with a walker on one leg or rides in a wheel chair.  I do believe that they let him out for Thanksgiving.  He misses all of his friends in Kiwanis, and promises to be back as soon as possible.  He loves company, and would love to see people.  John is not a quitter by any means, and he is going to lick this latest setback.  God Bless you John.  We love you.