Salvation Army Bell Ringers needed!
     It's Almost that time again.  Salvation Army Bell Ringing.  If you have never done this, you will receive a real blessing, believe you me!  Bell ringing will begin the Friday after Thanksgiving, which  should be December 2.  Gary & Nancy Strunk, overall coordinator for this loving, charitable volunteer activity will need help this year, and it looks like we have some club volunteers to take on week two and week three of this event.   BUT  there will be no bell ringing if you don't agree to do your part by signing up for one, two, three, four or more times to ring bells.  Our club will be ringing (inside the entrance way, like last year, or if the weather is good, we can ring outside.  We only need one ringer each time slot, but having someone else there to talk to is also very good.  We will be signing up online like last year.  Gary will let our club know when that will start.  It would be wonderful if every member of our club would take at least one slot.    We will have more reminders as the days go by.  Thanks to everyone in our club who have rung in the past, and hopefully will sign up to ring this year.