Hey Club Members!!!!  Remember these pictures from last year?  Yep! This was the Terrific Kids Award Ceremony on May 20.  Well.........It's that time again and we need your assistance.
     The Terrific Kids from DeZavala School will be recognizing their new "T-Kids" on May 12, 2017 at 2:00pm..  It will be held as usual in the cafeteria area, and we can use anywhere from 10-12 club members to help hand our 'donated goodies' given by our city to some mighty special kids.  This is where our working with kids really starts - in the elementary schools.  The kids are so appreciative for pencils, pens, notebooks, coin purses, stickers, etc.  This is so important!  So let's gather at DeZavala at about 1:45pm, sign in at the office, and join your compadres in the cafeteria.