New Board of Directors Selected
     As we have done each and every year, it comes time to elect new officers to serve on our Board of Directors.  We have always had excellent leadership in the past and our upcoming officers for the coming year fall within that category of 'excellent choices.
The existing Board consists of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, and President Elect.  We also have four additional officers to serve.  This past year, the Board consists of Kelli Whigham, (President); Glen Rydl (Secretary), Randy Cook, (Treasurer),Doug Balkman as Past President, Rhonda White as President Elect.  The following are additional board members: Pam Cook, Lon Shell, Andrew Gary, Charles Walts.  Del Brown is a non voting member.
      For the coming year, our Board will consist of Rhonda White, President; Kelli Whigham, Past Prsident; Beverly Crunley, Secretary; Doug Balkman, Treasurer; Moe Johnson, President Elect.  Lon Shell, Mbr; Andrew Gary, Mbr; Charles Walts, Mbr; and one other member to replace Pam Cook who goes off this year.  Kellie Whigham and Del Brown will serve as non voting members