Kiwanis Club of San Marcos

AAA....bulletin....Veteran's Day Events.....11/16/15

Veteran's Day at DeZavala Elementary School and Miller Middle school, made those of us who represented our Kiwanis Club very proud and also very humble.  The children and teachers and Administration at both of these schools went all out to make those veterans attending feel like 'super people' instead of just ordinary folks who had done a job that needed to be done, so that our country, which is the greatest country in the world recognize how valuable and important are our veterans of the Army, Navy Marines, Air Force, National Guard, and Coast Guard.  Our country, great as it is has a long history in it's short annual history, of reaching out and providing assistance to other nations, and in the case of any war or altercation, some veterans gave their full measure of devotion on the battlefields all over the world.  We have heard of wars like the Revolution War, The War of 1812, The Spanish American War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, all all of our current battles going on in the Middle East, where our brave men & women are doing what thousands and thousands of soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors have done over the 240 years that our nation has been a nation, and that is fighting for freedom.  I have researched the number of battles in which our country has gone to other countries and either fought or provided support for - now get this - 107 wars in which the United States has been involved.  Our freedom is very important, and let me say thanks to all our veterans down over the years.  (Attending these two observances at DeZavala and Miller were Randy Cook, Chester Banks, Ted Breihan and Del Brown)