On Saturday morning at 7am, volunteers met at the Kiwanis Warehouse and picked up modules for a very extensive hanidicap ramp for use by a local pastor, David Aguillon, pastor of "La Nuevo Jerusalem"  at 211 Knox
 Street here in San Marcos.  Well over 20  volunteers from the CTMC Ramp building team, Gary Nelson and Gary Strunk from our Kiwanis Club, as well as local church members came out to assist.
     Pastor David and his wife, Maria Angelica Acevedo were in a serious automobile accident on May 8, 2015, in which David's wife was killed.  They also have four children.  Pastor David was very seriously crippled, which is why this ramp was needed immediately.  Bob Gardner from CTMC, and in charge of the ramp building project after the San Marcos Kiwanis club relinquished it, pleaded for help in building the ramp.  You never saw a ramp go up so fast.  All those who turned out knew just what to do, and it was a difficult ramp with several turns leading from the church's parsonage to the back of the church.  A lot of thanks goes out for every one who had a hand and drill, and hammer and saw to make this devastated pastor and his motherless children a little more comfortable.