We want to begin running a column about members of our club that are having difficulty, are sick, have had accidents, in the hospital or things like that.  If you would like our club to know about the unexpected things that do happen to members, please let me know either by phone, or email, or in person.
1: Francis Breihan was taken to CTMC last Tuesday morning with trouble breathing and heart irregularity.  After some excellent medical care and some delicate procedures, they got her heart back into sync, and she is currently resting at home. 
2.  Good news on Sherry Nelson.  She had a rather complex bout of pneumonia and was in several medical facilities trying to stabilize her, but she is progressing farirly well and will probably come home tomorrow (Monday).  She will need a walker for awhile. 
3.  Glen Rydl is still doing a bit of hobbling around since he had an airconditioner fall on his foot.