Huge Heart for accommodating seniors' housing needs. 
     In case you didn't see the excellent page & a half article written by Daily Record, Lori Steindorf, about our own Tracy Herman, you missed an excellent story.  It gave a beautiful inside account of some of the things that drives Tracy in lovingly attaching herself to the needs of seniors.  Just to quote a bit about the article, "As sales and marketing director of Brookdale San Marcos North, Tracy Herman's passion for her livelihood and her genuine concern for senior's well being shine through.  She relishes going to work every day as she continues to enrich the lives of those she touches in a positive manner."
     It is a genuine heart-enriching article.  Tracy says in this article, "There's a senior out there who needs me, and it's up to me to get out there to find them.  Somebody needs that apartment, and you9 need to get the word out that it's available."
     Tracy will be assuming her role as President of our Kiwanis club as of September 22.  She will do an excellent job.  Thanks for opening yourself up to thousands of readers and sharing your story.