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Each year the City of San Marcos sponsors a series of events to commemorate Veterans Day.  One of these events is a parade on Saturday on or near Nov 11. The Kiwanis club of San Marcos has sponsored a float in the parade as an escort to Grade school age  children and their parents. We assist  the students in decorating their bicycles with patriotic materials and allow them to follow our float in an abbreviated portion of the Parade. Parents are allowed to walk with their children or ride on our float as space allows to observe them. 

The following are guidelines to be followed in our preparation and execution of our Veterans Day Parade Activities. The responsibilities fir these preparations are under the responsibility and direction of a Team staffed by members who volunteer for this project.  This Veterans Day Team is a part of the Community Services Committee described in detail on our Committees Site page in another part of this web site.

        1.)    In Sept of each year the participating members will review this guideline document  to insure that preparations are underway in sufficient time to meet all of the deadline necessary o effectively participate, This includes insuring sufficient materials are available to assemble the float and decorate it along with providing materials to decorate the participating bicyclists.

         2.)    On receipt of the initial notification letter from the city organizers, The chair of the sub committee wil prepare the application for participation with special attention to the narrative to be submitted to the parade announcer and a reminder to the planners that we should be integrated into an early position in the units due to the fatigue factor in the student participants. We as are normally positioned on the east side of the Courthouse to join in the sequence as appropriate then exit early returning to our original starting position to release the student participants again on the east side of the courthouse. 3.)    As preparation are made  each year  it is essential that we accomplish  those things which will improve the student participation with an emphasis on the purpose of this celebration of honoring all of those individuals past, present, and future who have so proudly served in our military services in protection of the freedoms we all enjoy as a result of their sacrifices. 

Things to consider include;.

                    a.).Emphases to the schools teachers and students – that by participating in the parade they are showing their support for our veterans.  Take flyers to the schools explaining this and inviting the parents of the younger children to ride on our float – may need to increase bench length on trailer. (Have pictures of prior year with decorating bikes and those in parade on the flyers.

                     b.) The annual budget might be adjusted to provide an incentive or reward to the class/school having the most bike riders – for example give the class with the most riders $100 to use by that class as they see fit , This incentive could be announced when we go to the schools and make a presentation inviting them. 

                       c.)Perhaps award T-shirts to the first 10 riders showing up beginning at 9:00 am. Do not put dates on T-Shirts so they can be used in future in case all are not used.  Wording on T-Shirt should include San Marcos Kiwanis. T-shirts should be in all sizes

          .3.) Prepare  some publicity prior to parade – submit article to paper perhaps with some pictures of working on float and prior years decorating bikes.

4,.)Preparation of Float

          • Keep all materials in Warehouse including the (1) lumber, (2) drawing on how to assemble float and (3) box with decorations.Special sign needs to be made that indicates that we (Kiwanis) are supporting our Veterans.  This could be stored in 4 inch PVC pipe and kept with other materials

          • Decorate Float on Friday morning (9:00 am) and take to  Breiham's Electric and store overnight.

          • Image                    
  • Take tractor or other tow vehicle to same location Friday after lthe float has been assembled.

  • Encourage a club member to provide 4 Wheeler or golf cart – decorate it and have Kiwanis President or Chair of Kiwanis parade committee ride in it.  Designate some Kiwanis members to walk with bike riders to help those that may need it. And encourage Veteran members of the club to ride the parade float to be appropriately recognized for their sacrifices.

          • Finish decorating Float on  Saturday Morning beginning at 8:00 amImage

    • 6.)    Day of the Parade

      Identify Kiwanis members to help decorate the bikes

      Some one should direct the bike riders and their parents when it is time to assemble behind the float.  This could be about the time parade starts – do not get them out in street too soon – they get tired.

      Take pictures of decorating float and participants including riders.

      Submit pictures with small article to paper. – Pictures could be posted to WEB

      When finishing the parade back at the court house – take off banners and pick up flags to put on trailer prior to taking back to Breiham’s Electric

      Take trailer back to completely remove all decorations and banners and flags.

      Take trailer back to Warehouse to remove and store Frame.

      Take tractor and trailer back to owners


      After the event has been successfully completed the appropriate committee and Team members should assemble end review their participation with special emphasis on improvements to plan for in the coming years.

    • The Committee for Community Services is Chaired by;

    • Beverly Crumley

    • and the Team Leader is;         Gary Nelson

    • team members are;                All Members of the San Marcos Kiwanis Club