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Camp McBride Wilson Kiwanis Youth Camp is seven acres fronting the Blanco River above "Five Mile Dam"  it was purchased by San Marcos Kiwanis in 1944 for $400 cash.  Unimproved and uncleared at purchase....purchased for Boy Scout and Girl Scout use.  No responsibility for "other activities.  It was originally known locally as "Camp Tick".  The Pavilion was added in 1970's...rebuilt and improved in it includes Pavilion with indoor restrooms, campsites, open air showers, Utility building...well with pump and tractor building.

     Our camp is located approximately five miles NW of San Marcos.  It is primarily used free of charge for youth.  Reservations can be made by contacting Kelli Whigham .

     The picture to the left shows the new sign for the camp, as well as several members of San Marcos Kiwanis, Gary Strunk, McBride Wilson who handled the camp for almost 30 years, and Lon Shell, who arranged for the sign and a strong supporter of the camp.

     The TEAM for Camp McBride Wilson Youth Camp is charged with the responsibility for the Operations, Maintenance, and scheduling of the camp and has established procedures for it's use and the responsibilities assigned to those organizations who use the property.  All club members are encouraged to participate in Scheduled Work Days at the camp.  The TEAM appointed annually consists of the following:

 Kelli Whigham, chair, Lon Shell, Pam Cook, Randy Cook, Charles Johnson, Doug Balkman, and Rhonda White.