Gary Strunk receives 'Kiwanis of the Year' Award
     Because of the many tasks that Our Kiwanis of the Year for 2018, Gary Strunk, was finally able to receive his duly deserved KOTY award.  Past President Doug Balkman was joyfully able to present this cherished award to Gary last week at our Kiwanis meeting.  Gary has been up to his ears in not only sponsoring our Key Club, but also has been caretaker of our Kiwanis Camp, as well as being in charge of our Salvation Army Bell Ringing program.  Whenever there was an extra job to be done, Gary was right there (if he could) to help out, to include our Ramp Building Projects.  He was unable to attend this year's Installation Banquet, so now he has been duly awarded and congratulated by his fellow Kiwanians.  Ata Way to Go Gary!