Each question in this quiz has three different answers and they all rhym.  For example: Clues: One plus one; not false; azure color.  (Answer) Two; true; blue
1.....A barrel maker; a state police officer; a funny error caught on film Cooper, Trooper, Blooper 
A small rodent raised for fur; a member of the non human primate family; the capital of the Phillipines….Chincilla, Gorilla, Manila
To argue or raise  objections about a trivial matter; to write something quickly and small pellets of dry dog food Quibble, Scribble, Kibbles
4...….A woodwind instrument commonly used in classical music and jazz; a string puppet; a woman who fought for the right to vote: Clarinet, Marinette, Suffraget
5...…..To ask a question; cheerful and lively; a small pitted fruit.Query, Merry, Cherry
6...…..The eggs of a fish or frog; reflex associated with boredom; chess piece.Spawn, Yawn, Pawn
7...…..A visible mass of condensed water vapor; a great deal of volume; a large number of people gathered together: Cloud, Loud, Crowd
8...…...An indeterminate number of things; a feeling or guess based on intuition; a jab: Bunch,Hunch, Punch
9...…...Feeling nauseated; squalid or sordid; achieved without great difficulty Queasy, Sleazy, Easy
10...…..Scared; double-crossed someone; a celebratory procession Afraid, Betrayed, Parade