"Christmas Interclub Celebration"
     Well, it was a grand time we had at Casa Marie's last Thursday noon.  We had 22 members there, some accompanied by their spouses.  We also had our District Governor there, along with some members from Marble Falls and Lockhart.  We also had some members from our new club, Kyle and Buda.  The restaurant was very efficient and treated our club with a fantastic spirit.  They even took our picture (left) as we were beginning to leave.  Our members that were there were John Polk, Glen Rydl, Garry White, Del Brown & wife, Chester Banks, Charles Walts, Kelli Whigham, Moe Johnson, Doug Balkman, Jeanne Balkman, Rhonda White, Frederick Case, Beverly Crumley, Randy Cook, Pam Cook, Andrew Gary & wife, Charles Johnson, John Roppolo, McBride Wilson.  I any have been left out, let your editor know.