K-Kids Last Two Meetings for this year
     This is an important message from Randy Cook announcing that the K-Kids will be having their last two meetings for the year.  The first meeting will be TODAY! April 22 from 3-4pm.  and the next meeting will be next Monday, April 29th from 3-4 pm.  Both meetings will be held in Christina Patek's classroom on the Second Grade Hallway (last room on the right).  They have had a good year, so let's see if we can have a good turnout at both meetings. If you have never been to one of their meetings, you have a real treat. (Additional message).  Del Brown was able to make the meeting today, and was really impressed with the energy that our K-Kids exercised during what they did this afternoon.  These pictures help.  Basically Christina had them take buckets with small holes in them to hold water for the many new trees that had been planted around the school.  They then tied a bucket around each tree so they would get slow drip irrigation on each tree.  Then another thing they did was to go into the different class rooms and get waste paper from the rooms, and then proceed to take them to be recycled.  I couldn't stay too much longer because I wanted to get this bulletin out with some pictures.