Kiwanis Club of San Marcos
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  "Outline of Kiwanis President's Duties
     1. Conducting the Meeting
          *  Have a sheet with agenda of the  meeting to follow.
          *  Get to the meeting early enough to set up flags, podium, etc.
          *  Start the meeting on time.
                     *  Song; Pledge; Prayer
                     *  Number of announcements to make
                     *  If there are many announcements, start earlier (12:10)
                                *  Club Business (flag days, inter-clubs, events updates, etc
                                *  Committee reports if necessary
                     *  Big Bucks, Happy Dollars; Guests
                     *  Time the speaker needs - varies from 20 minutes to 30 minutes
                                 *  Power point needed; no political topics.
                     *  End the meeting on time.
2.  Select Committee Chairs (see handout on committee descriptions and and planning)
         a.  Yearly events - - Occur one time a year.
         b. On Going Events - - Occur throughout the year.
                    *  Have Chair of committee establish a calendar of that committee.
                    *  Establish a yearly calendar of events and the dates for our club, (holidays, yearly events, etc.)
         c.  Stay in contact with committee chairs or member in charge of an event.
                    *  Select one of the following methods for committee meetings.
                             i.  Committees meet during the regular meeting time on a quarterly basis.
                             ii.  Have the chair of the committee meet with the members of the committee outside of the regular meeting.  Report progress at a regular   
                                  meeting, or to the board.
                                          *  If committee is behind schedule, or lacking in direction, the president can step in and take charge.
3.  Conducting a Board meeting:
          a.  Start the meeting on time.
          b.  Have a typed agenda for board members.
          c.  Secretary's report from last meeting approved.
          d.  Treasurer's report read and approved.
          e.  Go over agenda items:
                      i.  Old Business
                      ii.  New Business
                      iii.  Discussion of items not on agenda to bring up at next meeting