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Annual Projects - Disaster Backpacks

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For just a minute imagine you are a 5 year old child who is standing

on the curb of a neighbor’s house watching your home go up

in flames. Now imagine finding yourself in a shelter with only the

clothes on your back. You feel your mom’s hand tremble in yours

and her face is tear-stained and aged as she gazes around the

strange surroundings. You have no pajamas to crawl

doll to clutch...nothing that is yours.

Disaster Backpacks can help. They can be given to a child and/

or adult when needed. Filled with the things that can get a

person thru one night or many. Kiwanis can be there to comfort and help

the children of each of our communities .


The Kiwanis Club of San Marcos is helping by joining Texas – Oklahoma Division, Kiwanis International Governor Ann Wilkin’s Disaster Backpack program,  We have purchased a supply of backpacks and will soon be announcing a project to assist the San Marcos Community’s disaster response capabilities by providing these Backpacks to those who experience these devastating events.

Availability of this service will be provided by the San Marcos Kiwanis Club and it’s Sponsored Youth organizations, Key Club at the high school, Builders Club at Miller Middle School, and K- Kids at De Zavla Elementary School

Infants              Young Girls           Teenaged Girls    Adults

Baby Food                       Band-Aids                      Band-aids                      Books / Magazines
Bibs, Disposable               Blanket                           Blanket                         Breast pads for new Mothers
Blanket – Fleece               Books / Magazines           Books / Magazines          Brush / ComBottle, Baby                               Brush/Comb                    Brush/Comb                   Compact with mirror        Bottles of Water (2)  
Coloring Book / Crayons    Cup, Folding                   Cup, Folding                   Brush/Comb for Baby
 Cup, Folding                    Deodorant                     Deodorant Cloth Diapers  Hairbands            t
Crackers, Animal/Cheese    Kleenex                        Hairbands                       Feminine Products
Cups, Sippy                      Pencil Sharpener            Kleenex                          Kiwanis, Business Cards 
Diaper Rash Cream           Poncho, Plastic               Lotion                             Kleenex  
Diapers, Assorted              Qtips                            Pencil Sharpener              Lotion
Formula, Baby                  Sanitizer, Hand             Qtips                               Patches, Waterproof
Pads, Disposable Chan       Toys -                         Shampoo / Conditioner     Qtips
QTips                               Umbrella                     Toothbrush / paste           Razors, Disposable
Spoon Sets                       Utensils, Plastic            Toys                              Sanitizer, Hand
Teething Snacks,               Wash, Travel Body        Umbrella                         Shampoo Conditioner
Toothbrush/Toothpaste      Washcloth, Hand Towel Utensils, Plastic                Shaving Cream
Toys,                                  Zipocks                       WashCloths                   Toothbrush  
 Ziplocks                                                               Zipl;ocks                        Washcloth                                                                                 ,                                                                                                        

Young Boys                              Teenage Boys

 BandAids                                 Blankets

 Books / Magazines                    Books / Magazines

 Brush/Comb                             Brush/Comb

 Coloring Book / Crayons          Cup, Folding

 Cup, Folding                            Deodorant

 Kleenex                                   Kleenex

 Pencil Sharpener                     Lotion

 Poncho, Plastic                       Pencil Sharpener

 Qtips                                      Qtips

 Sanitizer,                                Hand Razors, Disposable

 School Supplies –                    paper/pens/pencils Sanitizer, Hand

 Shampoo / Conditioner            School Supplies – paper/pens/pencils

 Toothbrush / Paste                  Shampoo / Conditioner

 Toys - Age & Gender                 Toothbrush / paste

 Umbrella                                  Toys - Age & Gender Appropriate

 Utensils, Plastic                         Umbrella

 Wash, Travel Body                    Utensils, Plastic

 Washcloth / Hand towel            Wash, Travel Body     
Ziplocks                                   Washcloth/ Hand towel