Kiwanis Club of San Marcos

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Our Program for this Thursday, March 15, 2018
     No, Our program for this coming Thursday has nothing to do with breakfast cereal or bottled water or the best way to decorate your kitchen.  No, No! Although he may touch on these things.  Kelli Whigham is bringing as her guest and program speaker, Mr. Ross King.  He is an agriculturalist and he has built farms in Kazakhstan.  Where is this country located?
    Kazakhstan is officially a democratic , secular, unitary, constitutional republic with a diverse cultural heritage.  It shares borders with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, and also adjoins a large part of the Caspian sea.  The terrain of Kazakhstan includes flatlands, steppe, taiga, rock canyons, hills, deltas, snow-capped mountains, and deserts.  It has an estimated 18 million people as of 2014.  Given its large land area, its population density is among the lowest, at less than 6 people per square kilometer (15 people per square mile).
     Kazakhstan was the last of the Soviet republics to declare independence during the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.
The current president, Nursultaltan Nazarbayev, has been leader of the country since then, and is characterized as authoritarian, with a government history of human rights abuses and suppression of political opposition.  The country has worked to develop its economy, especially its dominant hydrocarbon industry. Kasakhstan officially allows freedom of religion, but religious leaders who oppose the government are suppressed.  The Kazakh language is the state language and Russian has equal official status for all levels of administrative and institutional purposes.  Kazakhstan is a member of the United Nations. Islam is the religion of about 70% of the population, with Christianity practiced by 26%.
     Let's have a great turnout for this most interesting presentation.