Kiwanis Club of San Marcos

May....Word Parts.....5/21/18

These two words join together to form another word! 
   1...Short for "hello" + scarlet________________
   2...Not against + doorway carpet_____________
   3...Red or Caspian + male offspring____________
   4...To use a needle and thread + to get older, as in wine__________
   5...Sphere used in many sports + commercial________________
   6...A feline + Sony Bono's former wife__________
   7...Mr Capone + the "loneliest" number____________________
   8...Not good + where money is coined + the opposite of off____________
   9...Saloon or tavern + to put on weight, for example____________
  10..Woman's upper undergarment + fashionable or trendy_______________
  11..Headwear for a swimmer + the first letter of the alphabet + a metropolitan area____________
  12..High temperature, warmth + female bird______________