Kiwanis Club of San Marcos

May. timelines....5/21/18

Week of May 18 - May 24
May 18, 1804 - - Napoleon Bonaparte became Emperor of France, snatching the crown from the hands of Pope Pius VII during the actual coronation and then crowning himself.
May 19, 1943 - - During World War II in Europe, Royal Air Force bombers successfully attacked dams in the German Ruhr Valley using innovative ball-shaped bouncing bombs that skipped along the water and exploded against the dams.  The dams had provided drinking water for 4 million persons and supplied 75% of the electrical power for industry in the area.
May 20, 1862 - - President Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act opening millions of acres of government owned land in the West to "homesteaders" who could acquire up to 160 acres by living on the land and cultivating it for five years, paying just $1.25 per acre.
May 21, 1881 - - The American Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton.  The organization today provides volunteer disaster relief in the U.S. and abroad.  Community services include collecting and distributing donated blood, and teaching health and safety classes.
May 22, 1947 - - Congress approved the Truman Doctrine, assuring U.S. support for Greece and Turkey to prevent the spread of Communism.
May 23, 1846 - - The first American female attorney Arabella Mansfield was born near Burlington, Iowa.  She was certified in 1869 as an attorney and admitted to the Iowa bar, but never practiced ;aw.  Instead she chose a career as a college educator and administrator.  She was also instrumental in the founding of the Iowa Suffrage Society in 1870.
May 24, 1881 - - A boating disaster occurred in Canada when Victoria, a small double-decked stern-wheeler carrying over 600 passengers on the Thames River keeled over then sank, killing 182 persons.